May 19, 2010

Sweets and Treats

This is a charm for the sweets and treats charm swap. I made 30 pcs for the swap.

First I got metal charms, then I made "cream" on it - you can't eat it, it's made of polymer clay!
At last I added a rheinstone. It made the charm look better, I think.

In Japan, "fake sweets" are very popular. They began to coming in about 2 years ago, and seems as if they will never go out of fashion.

Hope everyone in the group liked this!



  1. Hi Aki!
    I saw an Inkadinkado contest this summer and instantly thought of you. You are so talented with stamping and inks, I think you have a good chance to win the prize, if you decide to try it.
    Here's the link:
    See you over at Two Peas!

  2. Hi Julie!
    It seems the contest is open only for the entries from US :(
    Anyway, thank you for the info!