Nov 29, 2009

Working on some digital layouts

I am working on some digital layouts in order to make a photobook.

This one will be the cover.

Credits: paper - Sunflowers; alphabets - tangie baxter; calendar - Jennifer Pebbles

Anpanman is a Japanese popular animation character and my daughter is a huge fan of him since she saw him for the first time in her life, on a package of cookies for children.

When we visited Anpanman Museum she was soooo excited. A 17-months-old girl loudly shouting "ANPANMAN!!!" made everyone surprised.


Nov 23, 2009


I started Twitter. I tweet mainly in Japanese, but...

(image from Shabby Blogs)


Nov 15, 2009

flag mini book

Today I participated in a crop party and made this flag mini book.
Will embellish it and place photos later.

I got a book and the hostess of the party, Emi-san, is one of the authors of the book.

This book contains some instructions for scrapbooking, collage, photography and so on. Very interesting, especially the photography pages.


Nov 5, 2009

It's my birthday!

Today is my 25th birthday.
Got some gifts, but maybe I need some cakes.

And, today I received my pages for christmas advent calendar. It's the greatest birthday present.

I'll bind them all tomorrow. Can't wait to complete the calendar, but I'm so so sleepy now...

Nov 2, 2009

Let's get shabby No.5

Here is my take on Let's get shabby No.5. The challenge was to add handmade embellishments and this must be the focus of your project.

I handmade the flowers. I enjoyed creating my layout so much.

Let's get shabbyのNo.5用の作品をつくりました。


Nov 1, 2009

handmade flower

I made this flower today.

materials used: tulle, patterned paper, newspaper

I will use it for my next layout.