Apr 27, 2009

photo frames

I used polymer clay flowers, rheinstones and pearls to make these photo frames "kawaii".

Aren't they gorgeous?
Can you believe that these frames were only 99 yen (approx. $1) each?


Apr 22, 2009

personalized pacifier holders

I made this pacifier holder for my daughter when she was 6 months old, but she didn't like pacifiers so this one always holded her rattle - but I should call it her toy rather than her rattle holder.

materials: wood beads, acrylic beads, clip, nylon string

I made another one for a friend of mine who gave birth to her little boy.

The baby boy and my daughter - why is my dd's face so funny in this photo!?

paper - NewlifeDreams; swirl - lkane; die cuts - Sande Krieger


Apr 18, 2009

Apr 17, 2009

I *heart* candies

I'm hostessing an international swap - 1/2 of the participants are Japanese and the other 1/2 are from US and Canada.

I haven't finished my pages yet, but I'm receiving some wonderful pages.

...And wonderful hostess gifts too!

These are candies and a bib from Ani - thanks!

I also received gifts from some other members, but didn't take any photos of them. Maybe I will take a photo after receiving everyone's pages. So why did I take Ani's now?

It's just because I wanted to eat these candies NOW, couldn't wait until the due date! lol
I thought I should take a photo before eating them in order not to forget what I've received.

By the way, what kind of candies do you like? If there are any specific ones please let me know the name of - I know few American candies, I want to know more!


Apr 16, 2009

FRISK case

I decorated a Frisk case with pearls, rheinstones and polymer clay flowers from my stash.

It took me about an hour to make this, it would be easier if I used some patterned paper to cover the case. Or masking tape! lol

By the way, I had a great difficulty with yesterday's post - what bothered me was a word "tape".
In Japanese there are no "uncountable noun" or "countable noun", so I always have trouble with water, furniture, bread,,, and tape this time!

And I've given up - I said to myself, "I'm not a native English speaker, so I don't know how to deal with these words, but it's ok!"
I think it could be easier if I said "tape rolls", right?
Help! I know this blog has many English-speaking readers!! lol


Apr 15, 2009

masking tape?

I love mt brand masking tape. I have some, and now can't scrapbook without them! They are acid free, by the way. (mt masking tape web site)

I bought them on my birthday last year, as a birthday present to myself.

dotted paper - ; brown paper, frames - Sev

I used some on this layout:

and I also used some on my book for the international circle journal.

To US residents: you can find/get them at www.happytape.bigcartel.com

.............wait, wait!
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat!? $22 for a set of 5??

I'm really happy to be in Japan - I can get them at a reasonable price. lol


Apr 14, 2009

Handmade scrunchy #2

I made another scrunchy.

materials: yarn, vintage lace

This vintage lace is from my aunt-in-law's collection. She was an actress and she collected vintage lace to make her backstage dress.

I've never met her, she's been dead for more than 10 years, but I saw her in a photo. She was so beautiful.


Apr 10, 2009

Handmade scrunchy

Scrunchies are now very popular in Japan, but kawaii ones are very expensive, that's why I made one by myself today.

It took only about an hour to make this one.

materials: elastics, yarn, tulle, printed fabric (cotton/linen)

We took our family photo today - with my new scrunchy:)


Apr 4, 2009

laundry bag for my daughter

My daughter entered a nursery on April first. Japanese schoolyear begins in April.

A bag for laundry is needed there. The other children use plastic bags as their laundry bags but I didn't want my daughter to - I don't like plastic bags, they are not cute, and moreover they will be a trash after being used.

So, I made a bag using PUL fabric (for waterproof purposes) and scrapbooking things from my stash - felt sticker (by Making Memories) and pom-pom trim.

Yae is my daughter's name, named after Yaezakura (double-flowered cherry blossoms). That's why I used pink fabric.

To tell the truth I don't like so much how it turned out. But I don't know what should I do so I'll leave it as is.

娘の保育園で洗濯物を入れる袋が必要なんですが、どうもビニール袋を使うのが嫌で、PUL生地で作成しました。ポンポントリムとMaking MemoriesのフェルトアルファベットはSB用品です。これは貼っただけで縫ってないので洗濯すると無残な姿になりそうです(笑)

Apr 1, 2009

Shipped my CJ out

I finally finished my journal and shipped it out to Jan in London. I've been there once and I hope to visit there someday again.

In this CJ we have to leave our pages surprise, so I will show you unfinished pages.

the cover:

my page (1 of 2 - I forgot to take photos of the other page's unfinished version!)

All of the pages are now bound.
I was less than successful at binding this time by the way. It looks so ugly, maybe I would have to use ribbons and fibers to hide the wire but I didn't. No, I couldn't. I didn't have enough time. We have to ship our albums out by 1st of each month and I rushed into a soon-to-be-shuttered post office today.

I will show you my finished journal next year - after receiving it back:)