Jun 11, 2012

A big thing that has kept me busy

Oops I forgot to tell you, my followers...

Do you remember that I wrote about my soon-to-be-released app last month?
It's now available for iPhone and Android.

Do you scrapbook all of the photos you took? If not, what do you do with your un-scrapbooked photos?

If you have no idea, I recommend you to try my app.
My app offers the way to create a digital album with no time and effort. Just import your pictures and your photo album will be made automatically.

Here is a page of my scrapbook album:

The name of the app is "million moments". Though the app is released, we are keeping on improving it.

For the latest info you can follow us on twitter, @millionmoments.

I hope you enjoy your million moments :)

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