Mar 19, 2009

I start my blog today... in English!!

OK I start this blog to show my projects and.... to inprove my English!!!

First of all I would like to introduce myself.

I'm Aki.

I live in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, I'm Japanese.

I work at electronics company.

I'm mom to 11 months old girl.

I started scrapbooking when I was 21, and am still addicted to. I usually get tired of things very easily but I would never tire of scrapbooking. (shhh.... My mom would say "you always said the same thing and soon got tired!")

Now I'm working on a CJ - due very soon, April 1st!

I'm totally jealous of my journal. It will be shipped to London in UK, then goes to Canada (Alberta), and travels 5 states in the US, 3 cities in New Zealand, then comes back to Japan after 12 months of its trip - OMG I wish I could travel around the world with my journal!

But now, the problem is that.... my pages are not finished yet! I totally forgot that I have to write the instructions for my journal, IN ENGLISH! Oh yes, I'm the only non-native English speaker in that circle. Hmmm....

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