Apr 1, 2009

Shipped my CJ out

I finally finished my journal and shipped it out to Jan in London. I've been there once and I hope to visit there someday again.

In this CJ we have to leave our pages surprise, so I will show you unfinished pages.

the cover:

my page (1 of 2 - I forgot to take photos of the other page's unfinished version!)

All of the pages are now bound.
I was less than successful at binding this time by the way. It looks so ugly, maybe I would have to use ribbons and fibers to hide the wire but I didn't. No, I couldn't. I didn't have enough time. We have to ship our albums out by 1st of each month and I rushed into a soon-to-be-shuttered post office today.

I will show you my finished journal next year - after receiving it back:)



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