Nov 29, 2009

Working on some digital layouts

I am working on some digital layouts in order to make a photobook.

This one will be the cover.

Credits: paper - Sunflowers; alphabets - tangie baxter; calendar - Jennifer Pebbles

Anpanman is a Japanese popular animation character and my daughter is a huge fan of him since she saw him for the first time in her life, on a package of cookies for children.

When we visited Anpanman Museum she was soooo excited. A 17-months-old girl loudly shouting "ANPANMAN!!!" made everyone surprised.



  1. My kids LOVED ANPANMAN!! My oldest (14) still eats ANPANMAN when I buy at the Japanese bakery (PAN-YA) - he had one yesterday! LOL!!
    When we visit Japan, I need to take him there...can't image a high schooler entering that museum! Heehee!!!
    Rec'd my cards yesterday - WOW! Everyone did such a great job! I hope mine was OK...
    Good luck with the photo book! Have a great week, my friend! xo

  2. I love to watch a toddler see their TV heros in person. Their belief is so strong and very fun.
    BTW, thanks so much for the cards in your exchange. I was amazed at the wonderful quality.