Nov 15, 2009

flag mini book

Today I participated in a crop party and made this flag mini book.
Will embellish it and place photos later.

I got a book and the hostess of the party, Emi-san, is one of the authors of the book.

This book contains some instructions for scrapbooking, collage, photography and so on. Very interesting, especially the photography pages.


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  1. Aki-san,
    Totally forgot to send you an email...I sent the cards in the mail on Thurs (Wed was a postal holiday) via priority mail so you should get it by Wed at the very latest. I included JPY2000 in the self addressed envie. Sorry so late - had so many projects due the last couple of months. Things should slow down by Thanksgiving...I hope! LOL!! LMK when it arrives! Thanks!!