Nov 30, 2010

threefold card

This is a card for my grandmother in Kyoto.

Though I called her last week, I've not met her for more than 5 years, she has never met my daughter and of course my 3-week-old son. What I can do for her is to send some photos of my children. And to send a card with photos, too!




  1. you have a beautiful blog!

  2. awwww its adorable. your gram will love it.

  3. I love these cards you've been making, they look great! and your son is so beautiful!
    I've always handcrafted christmas cards for the last years but this year I plan to make them digital but haven't started yet!! ehe..
    I find your blog very interesting and will be visiting again!
    ~Vala (from swapbot)

  4. Your children are beautiful and have the most beautiful names. I love the whimsical feel of this card! I have never tried card-making, but you have inspired me to try.