Apr 15, 2009

masking tape?

I love mt brand masking tape. I have some, and now can't scrapbook without them! They are acid free, by the way. (mt masking tape web site)

I bought them on my birthday last year, as a birthday present to myself.

dotted paper - ; brown paper, frames - Sev

I used some on this layout:

and I also used some on my book for the international circle journal.

To US residents: you can find/get them at www.happytape.bigcartel.com

.............wait, wait!
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhat!? $22 for a set of 5??

I'm really happy to be in Japan - I can get them at a reasonable price. lol



  1. I just saw this tape yesterday for the 1st time...very cool stuff. Can't wait to try some out. Love your vintage child on the CJ

  2. This tape looks very cool. :) I am going to have to try it. Thanks for shareing!

  3. How adorable is that tape packaged up? So cute! I'm sure that it is a lot of fun to use. It looks really cool in the journal.