Apr 4, 2009

laundry bag for my daughter

My daughter entered a nursery on April first. Japanese schoolyear begins in April.

A bag for laundry is needed there. The other children use plastic bags as their laundry bags but I didn't want my daughter to - I don't like plastic bags, they are not cute, and moreover they will be a trash after being used.

So, I made a bag using PUL fabric (for waterproof purposes) and scrapbooking things from my stash - felt sticker (by Making Memories) and pom-pom trim.

Yae is my daughter's name, named after Yaezakura (double-flowered cherry blossoms). That's why I used pink fabric.

To tell the truth I don't like so much how it turned out. But I don't know what should I do so I'll leave it as is.

娘の保育園で洗濯物を入れる袋が必要なんですが、どうもビニール袋を使うのが嫌で、PUL生地で作成しました。ポンポントリムとMaking MemoriesのフェルトアルファベットはSB用品です。これは貼っただけで縫ってないので洗濯すると無残な姿になりそうです(笑)


  1. I love the bag...super cute! And I really like your daughter's name! :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Ani! Yaezakura were at their best when my daughter was born, and now they are in full blossom again - her first birthday is coming!